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Real Love ~ Keepin’ It Real Blog Series ~ Wilmington, NC Photographer

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I am so excited to be participating in a the Keepin’ It Real blog series with some very talented photographers.  This month’s theme was “Real Love” and I have chosen to share some Valentine inspired pictures with you all.  At the bottom of this post there is a link to the next photographer’s blog in the circle.  Please go check her out and see how she was inspired this month and you may just be inspired too!

These three little loves of mine have my whole heart I tell ya and we had so much fun putting together a photo Valentine’s Day card this year!  It all started because I wanted to recreate this image from 2014:)

Although the 2015 image is bit more chaotic with a very mobile 13.5 month old I am still loving what we got and think we will need to make red wax lips our go-to for our annual Valentine’s Day pics.  Here’s the digital version of our card that went out to the girls’ classmates and our family.

I’ve been wanting to do a photo card for Valentine’s Day FOREVER! and I’m so glad this year it worked out and the girls cooperated long enough to make it happen!  Plus, how perfect are their shirts from The Measure for the occassion?!?! They have an adapted version of my favorite EE Cummings poem printed on them.

Ofcourse, we ended up with more pictures than we needed for the card and because I am just so in love with these girlies I have to share!  Also, we had a super fun time getting to paint outside as their reward for cooperating for the pics (its one of their favorite activities!) so I kept the camera out long enough to capture that too since it was actually Clara Jo’s first time getting to paint with her big sisters.  As you will soon see she didn’t quite know what to make of the paint, but had fun regardless:)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and celebrate all those you hold near and dear to your heart on Valentine’s and every other day!

Tilley thought she didn’t make enough of a mess while painting so as soon as I said it was time to quit she two handfuls of paint and smeared it on her face….yep, that’s our middle child for ya!

Don’t forget to hop on over to the Kami Friday Photography’s blog to see how she was inspired for this month’s theme of “Real Love.”

Kami Friday Photography, Nashua Portrait Photographer


2014 Project 365 Recap!

Yesterday I wrapped another iphone 365 project that I posted daily to on Instagram using #365daysoftheborkfamily .  As much as it can be a pain to take a picture every.single.day I am so glad to have made it through another year successfully documenting each day in my family’s life and I plan to do it again in 2015!!!  If you would like to follow along find me on Instagram @ktborkphoto

Last year when I re-capped I mentioned some of my worries about being a photographer yet doing an iphone 365 project and also some tips of which I think are all still valid so I wont list them out again, but you can check out last year’s post by clicking here.

The biggest change to my 365 project in 2014 was that I only did one picture for our family versus a picture for each child as we went in to 2014 with THREE kids and I knew there was no way I could handle that!  Additionally, I am now using an app called VSCO cam to edit the majority of my pictures.

I loved going back through all of my iphone pictures from 2014 to put together this post for you all.  I selected my favorite image for each month (selected because of the memory or moment certainly not photographic perfection ha!) and then a collage of some other favorites by month to share.

Before we get to my monthly favorites here is my favorite iphone pic of my girls from 2014….technically not the best photo but gosh how I loved being able to quickly capture this true moment of happiness and giggles with my girls by simply pulling out my phone:)













Happy Halloween 2014!!!!

I  am so excited to share our 2014 Halloween costumes with you all!!!!  Just like last year (you can see those pics, here) I did our official costume pictures early so that I don’t have to worry about the stress of taking pictures during all the hustle, bustle, and FUN that is Halloween!!!

Randal Jean has been obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I loved finding these great girly costumes for characters that are traditionally geared more towards boys.  For the second year in a row Socktopus Creations (found on Etsy, here) made the girls’ costumes.  Since there are 4 Turtles I wanted to join in on the fun too!  I had Danielle with Socktopus Creations make me some iron-on shell pieces as well as a sash, mask, and arm pieces.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the costumes turned out.  I can not speak highly enough of Danielle and the quality product she delivers!  I sure hope we can work with her again next year!!!!

Matt *may* Splinter (or Superman…well see!) tonight, but wasn’t able to join us for the fun of our pre-Halloween pictures.  I think he might prefer it that way, ha!  We will be sure to grab a pic of all 5 of us this evening!

I hope you all enjoy our 2014 Halloween costume pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!!!

And I must give a huge THANK YOU to Miss Emily and Miss Carlie for being more amazing friends than I have ever deserved and helping me successfully get our Halloween pictures complete.  I love you ladies so so much…THANK YOU!!!

Early’s Fresh 48 Sneak Peeks! ~ Wilmington, NC Photographer

After capturing Early’s birth late Monday night I returned to the hospital when she was just 34 hours new to do a Fresh 48 session!  In case you missed the sneak peeks from her birth you can check them out here.

I hope you all enjoy these peeks in to this family’s new life as a family of 3!


Welcome Early! ~ Wilmington, NC Birth Photography

Late afternoon yesterday and until the wee hours of the morning today I was granted the incredible honor of capturing a husband and wife welcome and bond with their first child, a daughter named Early Elizabeth.  Early’s mama was an absolute warrior through her 24+ hour labor and her daddy was so very supportive through out the entire labor process.

Congrats “C” family on becoming a family of 3!!!

I hope you all enjoy these sneak peeks of Early’s arrival….it was so hard to narrow it down even this much!